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How to transform service delivery while achieving efficiency targets

More than ever before local governments are under enormous pressure to reduce operational costs while at the same time trying to meet the increasing demands of better digital services for their service users.

To achieve this, local governments need to ‘transform’ the way they operate. With the right technology they can transform their interactions and keep pace with the ever changing digitally connected public building a positive future.

Enghouse Interactive have provided councils like, Conwy Borough Council, Scottish Border Council and Sedgemoor District Council a comprehensive solution that is flexible and adaptable adding functionality as required and budget allowed. Empowering staff to work smarter and meet the ever increasing demands for service users re-shaping how local governments operate.

3 top tools to solve key council challenges


Helps Service Users Get Answers Fast

With a full suite of multi-channel solutions, customers have the choice to communicate on their own terms whenever they want, wherever they are. Ensuring they receive the same level of service regardless of how they choose to contact you.

Providing the flexibility to add or configure additional functionality as requirements and budgets change, enables organisations to quickly change their call centre into a true multi-channel contact centre. Giving customers the choice to communicate on their own terms. Help them get answers faster by ensuring service information is consistent across all your channels.

Demonstrate measurable ROI

Consolidate your services so that you’re connecting your entire organisation together into a customer focused and customer accessible pool of resources and systems. Share the services of the mid-office, back-office, branch and remote workers with front-line, to ensure queries are answered first time.

Enghouse Interactive works with platforms such as Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco to link your contact centre with back-office departments. This enables workers to improve their work/life balance while helping them do more, more easily – whilst reducing overhead and improving operational efficiency.

Personalised Experience

Provide a more centralised view of the service user interactions across all communication channels, providing a comprehensive view of all customer interactions. The agent sees all queued and prior communications whether the interaction started as a web chat and completed with a phone call, or came in as an email quickly followed by a customer chat. These views of the customer journey allow agents to see every contacts past and present interactions in a consolidated timeline.

This technology ensures the right agent is engaged with the right customer at precisely the right time. Providing the best customer experience possible offering a personalised first contact resolution.

improved efficiency of existing resources
degree view of the service user
reduced average handling times

As you can imagine learning in detail about all council services can be challenging, therefore we train a smaller group of representatives on specific services and we use self-service options like IVR extensively to direct enquiries quickly to these subject experts. This enables us to resolve any issues that customers may have much more rapidly and they speak directly to the experts to reduce customer frustration.

Cardiff Council

Enghouse provided the features and rich functionality needed to meet the demands of a complex and multi-faceted target audience while also delivering the ease of use that helps drive agent productivity. Not only can it intelligently streamline and centralise all contact types in a single, fully integrated solution with a user-friendly interface, but omni-channel queuing and skills-based routing also ensure all types of interaction are identified, prioritised, routed and transacted expertly, first time, every time.

Conwy County Borough Council

We chose our platform based on two key factors: cost and flexibility. We were able to reduce data and telephony network requirements and implement a single unified communications network across our offices significantly reducing costs.

Scottish Borders Council

Our new system helps deliver more collaborative working and drives efficiency and productivity between the contact centre and the whole organisation…For the first time it will allow agents the opportunity to work in a flexible virtual world.

Sedgemoor Council

The combination of Enghouse and Microsoft Teams is a game changer for Mayo County Council. It has taken our customer service to a whole new level.
Microsoft introduced us to Enghouse Interactive, which gave us the opportunity to implement one of the first Teams only customer contact centres within local government. We went live in November 2019 with a beta version for Communications Center. The journey to date has been a fruitful one. We have learned so much from the Enghouse team. Their patience, knowledge and professionalism are second to none. We believe our customer service has jumped forward a generation, “well, that’s the way we feel”. The staff and customer satisfaction are a testament to this.

Mayo County Council

Guide – The art of better service user conversations

Drawing on our experience of helping over 140+ local government organisations transform their interactions with their service users.  We’ve created this guide that examines the pressures placed on contact centre managers and their agents, and explores the opportunities to make service improvement and efficiency savings through technology.

Case Studies


Conwy County Council – We are continuing to roll it out as part of a carefully planned and controlled implementation process to several other council departments.


Birmingham City Council – To increase efficiency, while at the same time providing a fast, efficient service to citizens, whatever channel they use to contact us.


Fingal County Council has been able to improve the levels of service it provides to the public, increase control and better support agents – especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mayo County Council – Pulling together front, middle and back-office teams through integration with Microsoft Teams, with agents handling 30-40% more calls.


Further Info

Webchat – One Click from
hands on assistance

    •   Immediate hands on assistance
    •   Page share with customers
    •   Save costs and solve issues first time
    •   Channel of choice for customer interaction
    •   The highest satisfaction levels

Webchat – Escalate to voice or video for greater returns

    •   Communicate online escalate to voice or video
    •   No loss of any customer interaction history
    •   Route calls to specialists based on search history
    •   See all customer interactions for better service
    •   Personalised approach

Streamline Your Operations with Real-Time Video

    •   Minimise cyber security risks
    •   Clear video image on low-bandwidth networks
    •   Allow video calls to ease customer service
    •   Save travel expenditure, enable remote working